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Q. Why do I need to have my chimney cleaned?
A. The main reason is safety! Chimneys must allow dangerous gasses to pass freely.
Regular cleaning removes soot, creosote, birds nests and other blockages, allowing free flow of gasses and helping to prevent dangerous chimney fires. Because gasses flow freely your fireplace will also burn more efficiently.
Q. How often does my chimney need to be cleaned?
A.The frequency depends on a number of factors including; the type of fuel and it's moisture content, the appliance used, the duration of use and the type of chimney.
Wood burners and open fires require a yearly inspection with cleaning and repairs done as necessary. It may be necessary to clean it more than once a year if the fire is used continuously or unseasoned wet wood is burned. Always remember, prevention is better than cure.
Q. How will I know if my chimney needs to be swept more than once a year?
A. If the fire is not drawing as well as it normally would, this indicates a chimney sweep is needed. Other indications are more difficulty than normal when trying to light a fire and puffs of smoke coming out when feeding wood into the fire.
Q. How will I know if my woodburner needs repairs?
A. Our sweeping service includes a free visual inspection of your chimney cap, baffle, bricks, glass, door seals, etc. We will provide a report and recommend repairs as required. We generally need to book another time to complete these, however some are able to be repaired on our initial visit.
Q. Will my insurance cover me for a chimney fire?
A. Some insurance companies do require documented proof that your chimney has been swept yearly in the event of a chimney fire. Hopefully this will be the least of your worries.
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